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Liste des publications de rang A de l'unité

- 2019

Nicolitch, O., Feucherolles, M., Churin, J-L., Fauchery, L., Turpault, M-P., Uroz, S.  (2019)  A microcosm approach highlights the response of soil mineral weathering bacterial communities to an increase of K and Mg availability Scientific Reports 146(1), 51-70

Turpault M-P., Calvaruso C, Dincher M., Mohammed G., Didier S., Redon P-O., Cochet C.,  (2019)  Contribution of carbonates and oxalates to the calcium cycle in three beech temperate forest ecosystems with contrasting soil calcium availability Biogeochemistry 43, 2 : 147-164.

- 2018

Agapit, C., Gigon, A., Puga-Freitas, R., Zeller, B. and Blouin, M. (2018)  Plant-earthworm interactions: influence of age and proportion of casts in the soil on plant growth, morphology and nitrogen uptake Plant and Soil 424 (1-2) 49-61

Balesdent, J., Basile-Doelsch, I., Chadoeuf, J., Cornu, S., Derrien, D., Fekiacova, Z. and Hatte, C. (2018)  Atmosphere-soil carbon transfer as a function of soil depth Nature 559 (7715) 599

Court, M., van der Heijden, G., Didier, S., Nys, C., Richter, C., Pousse, N., Saint-Andre, L. and Legout, A. (2018)  Long-term effects of forest liming on mineral soil, organic layer and foliage chemistry: Insights from multiple beech experimental sites in Northern France Forest Ecology and Management 409 872-889

Courty, P. E., Buee, M., Tech, J. J. T., Brule, D., Colin, Y., Leveau, J. H. J. and Uroz, S. (2018)  Impact of soil pedogenesis on the diversity and composition of fungal communities across the California soil chronosequence of Mendocino Mycorrhiza 28 (4) 343-356

Daval D., Calvaruso C, Guyot F., Turpault M-P. (2018)  Time-dependent feldspar dissolution rates resulting from surface passivation: experimental evidence and geochemical implications Earth and Planetary Science Letters 498, 226-236

Elie, F., Vincenot, L., Berthe, T., Quibel, E., Zeller, B., Saint-Andre, L., Normand, M., Chauvat, M. and Aubert, M. (2018)  Soil fauna as bioindicators of organic matter export in temperate forests Forest Ecology and Management 429 549-557

Heid, L., Calvaruso, C., Andrianantenaina, A., Granier, A., Conil, S., Rathgeber, C. B. K., Turpault, M. P. and Longdoz, B. (2018)  Seasonal time-course of the above ground biomass production efficiency in beech trees (Fagus sylvatica L.) Annals of Forest Science 75 (1)

Kayler, Z. E., Bredoire, F., McMillan, H., Barsukov, P. A., Rusalimova, O., Nikitich, P., Bakker, M. R., Zeller, B., Fontaine, S. and Derrien, D. (2018)  Soil evaporation and organic matter turnover in the Sub-Taiga and Forest-Steppe of southwest Siberia Scientific Reports 8

Lequy E.,  Avila A., Boudiaf NACI KACI M., Turpault M.-P.  (2018)  Atmospheric deposition of particulate matter between Algeria and France: contribution of long and short-term sources Atmospheric Environment 191, 181-193

Orlowski, N., Breuer, L., Angeli, N., Boeckx, P., Brumbt, C., Cook, C. S., Dubbert, M., Dyckmans, J., Gallagher, B., Gralher, B., Herbstritt, B., Herve-Fernandez, P., Hissler, C., Koeniger, P., Legout, A., Macdonald, C. J., Oyarzun, C., Redelstein, R., Seidler, C., Siegwolf, R., Stumpp, C., Thomsen, S., Weiler, M., Werner, C. and McDonnell, J. J. (2018)  Inter-laboratory comparison of cryogenic water extraction systems for stable isotope analysis of soil water Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 22 (7) 3619-3637

Poeplau, C., Don, A., Six, J., Kaiser, M., Benbi, D., Chenu, C., Cotrufo, M. F., Derrien, D., Gioacchini, P., Grand, S., Gregorich, E., Griepentrog, M., Gunina, A., Haddix, M., Kuzyakov, Y., Kuhnel, A., Macdonald, L. M., Soong, J., Trigalet, S., Vermeire, M. L., Rovira, P., van Wesemael, B., Wiesmeier, M., Yeasmin, S., Yevdokimov, I. and Nieder, R. (2018)  Isolating organic carbon fractions with varying turnover rates in temperate agricultural soils - A comprehensive method comparison Soil Biology & Biochemistry 125 10-26

Turpault, M. P., Calvaruso, C., Kirchen, G., Redon, P. O. and Cochet, C. (2018)  Contribution of fine tree roots to the silicon cycle in a temperate forest ecosystem developed on three soil types Biogeosciences 15 (7) 2231-2249

van der Heijden, G, Bel, J, Craig, C-A, Midwood, AJ, Mareschal, L, Ranger, J, Dambrine, E and Legout, A. (2018)  Measuring Plant-Available Mg, Ca, and K Pools in the Soil—An Isotopic Dilution Assay ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 2 (4) 292-313

van der Heijden, G, Hinz, A, Didier, S, Nys, C, Dambrine, E and Legout, A (2018)  Quantifying the Uncertainty in Modeled Water Drainage and Nutrient Leaching Fluxes in Forest Ecosystems Ecosystems 9, 14403

- 2017

Agren, G. I., Barrandon, M., Saint-Andre, L. and Sainte-Marie, J. (2017)  ANALYSIS OF INTEGRO-DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS MODELING THE VERTICAL DECOMPOSITION OF SOIL ORGANIC MATTER Quarterly of Applied Mathematics 75 (1) 131-153

Andrianarisoa, K. S., Zeller, B., Ranger, J., Bienaime, S. and Dambrine, E. (2017)  A reciprocal soil exchange experiment highlights tree root colonization effects on soil nitrification Soil Use and Management 33 (1) 45-53

Charbonnier, F., Roupsard, O., le Maire, G., Guillemot, J., Casanoves, F., Lacointe, A., Vaast, P., Allinne, C., Audebert, L., Cambou, A., Clement-Vidal, A., Defrenet, E., Duursma, R. A., Jarri, L., Jourdan, C., Khac, E., Leandro, P., Medlyn, B. E., Saint-Andre, L., Thaler, P., Van den Meersche, K., Aguilar, A. B., Lehner, P. and Dreyer, E. (2017)  Increased light-use efficiency sustains net primary productivity of shaded coffee plants in agroforestry system Plant Cell and Environment 40 (8) 1592-1608

Colin, Y., Nicolitch, O., Turpault, M. P. and Uroz, S. (2017)  Mineral Types and Tree Species Determine the Functional and Taxonomic Structures of Forest Soil Bacterial Communities Applied and Environmental Microbiology 83 (5)

Colin, Y., Nicolitch, O., Van Nostrand, J. D., Zhou, J. Z., Turpault, M. P. and Uroz, S. (2017)  Taxonomic and functional shifts in the beech rhizosphere microbiome across a natural soil toposequence Scientific Reports 7

Crampon, M., Cebron, A., Portet-Koltalo, F., Uroz, S., Le Derf, F. and Bodilis, J. (2017)  Low effect of phenanthrene bioaccessibility on its biodegradation in diffusely contaminated soil Environmental Pollution 225 663-673

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- 2016

Akroume, E., Zeller, B., Buee, M., Santenoise, P. and Saint-Andre, L. (2016)  Improving the design of long-term monitoring experiments in forests: a new method for the assessment of local soil variability by combining infrared spectroscopy and dendrometric data Annals of Forest Science 73 (4) 1005-1013

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- 2015

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