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- 2019

Nicolitch, O, Feucherolles, M, Churin, J-L, Fauchery, L, Turpault, M-P, Uroz, S  (2019)  A microcosm approach highlights the response of soil mineral weathering bacterial communities to an increase of K and Mg availability Scientific Reports 146(1), 51-70

Turpault, M-P, Calvaruso, C, Dincher, M, Mohammed, G, Didier S, Redon, P-O, Cochet C,  (2019)  Contribution of carbonates and oxalates to the calcium cycle in three beech temperate forest ecosystems with contrasting soil calcium availability Biogeochemistry 43, 2 : 147-164.

- 2018

Daval D, Calvaruso C, Guyot F, Turpault M-P (2018)  Time-dependent feldspar dissolution rates resulting from surface passivation: experimental evidence and geochemical implications Earth and Planetary Science Letters 498, 226-236

Heid, L, Calvaruso, C,,rianantenaina, A, Granier, A, Conil, S, Rathgeber, C B K, Turpault, M-P, Longdoz, B (2018)  Seasonal time-course of the above ground biomass production efficiency in beech trees (Fagus sylvatica L.) Annals of Forest Science 75 (1)

Lequy E,  Avila A, Boudiaf Naci Kaci M, Turpault M P (2018)  Atmospheric deposition of particulate matter between Algeria and France: contribution of long and short-term sources Atmospheric Environment 191, 181-193

Turpault, M-P, Calvaruso, C, Kirchen, G, Redon, P O, Cochet, C (2018)  Contribution of fine tree roots to the silicon cycle in a temperate forest ecosystem developed on three soil types Biogeosciences 15 (7) 2231-2249

- 2017

Colin, Y, Nicolitch, O, Turpault, M-P, Uroz, S (2017)  Mineral Types and Tree Species Determine the Functional and Taxonomic Structures of Forest Soil Bacterial Communities Applied and Environmental Microbiology 83 (5)

Colin, Y, Nicolitch, O, Van Nostrand, J D, Zhou, J Z, Turpault, M-P, Uroz, S (2017)  Taxonomic and functional shifts in the beech rhizosphere microbiome across a natural soil toposequence Scientific Reports 7

Kirchen, G, Calvaruso, C, Granier, A, Redon, P O, van der Heijden, G, Breda, N, Turpault, M-P (2017)  Local soil type variability controls, the water budget and stand productivity in a beech forest Forest Ecology and Management 390 89-103

Krieger, C, Calvaruso, C, Morlot, C, Uroz, S, Salsi, L, Turpault, M-P (2017)  Identification, distribution, and quantification of biominerals in a deciduous forest Geobiology 15 (2) 296-310

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Rees, F, Watteau, F, Mathieu, S, Turpault, M-P, Le Brech, Y, Qiu, R L, Morel, J L (2017)  Metal Immobilization on Wood-Derived Biochars: Distribution and Reactivity of Carbonate Phases Journal of Environmental Quality 46 (4) 845-854

Rihs, S, Gontier, A, Lascar, E, Biehler, A, Turpault, M-P (2017)  Effect of organic matter removal on U-series signal in clay minerals Applied Clay Science 147 128-136

Roux, P, Turpault, M-P, Kirchen, G, Redon, P O, Lemarchand, D (2017)  Boron Dissolved and Particulate Atmospheric Inputs to a Forest Ecosystem (Northeastern France) Environmental Science & Technology 51 (24) 14038-14046

- 2016

Jeanbille, M, Buee, M, Bach, C, Cebron, A, Frey-Klett, P, Turpault, M-P, Uroz, S (2016)  Soil Parameters Drive the Structure, Diversity and Metabolic Potentials of the Bacterial Communities Across Temperate Beech Forest Soil Sequences Microbial Ecology 71 (2) 482-493

Kelly, L C, Colin, Y, Turpault, M-P, Uroz, S (2016)  Mineral Type and Solution Chemistry Affect the Structure and Composition of Actively Growing Bacterial Communities as Revealed by Bromodeoxyuridine Immunocapture and 16S rRNA Pyrosequencing Microbial Ecology 72 (2) 428-442

Nicolitch, O, Colin, Y, Turpault, M-P, Uroz, S (2016)  Soil type determines the distribution of nutrient mobilizing bacterial communities in the rhizosphere of beech trees Soil Biology & Biochemistry 103 429-445

Rihs, S, Gontier, A, Pelt, E, Fries, D, Turpault, M-P, Chabaux, F (2016)  Behavior of U, Th and Ra isotopes in soils during a land cover change Chemical Geology 441 106-123

Uroz, S, Oger, P, Tisserand, E, Cebron, A, Turpault, M-P, Buee, M, De Boer, W, Leveau, J H J, Frey-Klett, P (2016)  Specific impacts of beech and Norway spruce on the structure and diversity of the rhizosphere and soil microbial communities Scientific Reports 6

Viennet, J C, Hubert, F, Tertre, E, Ferrage, E, Robin, V, Dzene, L, Cochet, C, Turpault, M-P (2016)  Effect of particle size on the experimental dissolution and auto-aluminization processes of K-vermiculite Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta 180 164-176

- 2015

Gontier, A, Rihs, S, Chabaux, F, Lemarchand, D, Pelt, E, Turpault, M-P (2015)  Lack of bedrock grain size influence on the soil production rate Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta 166 146-164

Roux, P, Lemarchand, D, Hughes, H J, Turpault, M-P (2015)  A Rapid Method for Determining Boron Concentration (ID-ICP-MS) and delta B-11 (MC-ICP-MS) in Vegetation Samples after Microwave Digestion and Cation Exchange Chemical Purification Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 39 (4) 453-466

Uroz, S, Kelly, L C, Turpault, M-P, Lepleux, C, Frey-Klett, P (2015)  The Mineralosphere Concept: Mineralogical Control of the Distribution and Function of Mineral-associatec Bacterial Communities Trends in Microbiology 23 (12) 751-762

Viennet, J C, Hubert, F, Ferrage, E, Tertre, E, Legout, A, Turpault, M-P (2015)  Investigation of clay mineralogy in a temperate acidic soil of a forest using X-ray diffraction profile modeling: Beyond the HIS and HIV description Geoderma 241 75-86

- 2014

Lequy, E, Calvaruso, C, Conil, S, Turpault, M-P (2014)  Atmospheric particulate deposition in temperate deciduous forest ecosystems: Interactions with the canopy and nutrient inputs in two beech stands of Northeastern France Science of the Total Environment 487 206-215

Lequy, E, Conil, S, Turpault, M-P (2014)  Complementary methods to distinguish organic and mineral matter in atmospheric particulate deposition and their respective nutrient inputs to temperate forest ecosystems Aeolian Research 12 101-109

- 2013

Bontemps, C, Toussaint, M, Revol, P V, Hotel, L, Jeanbille, M, Uroz, S, Turpault, M-P, Blaudez, D, Leblond, P (2013)  Taxonomic and functional diversity of Streptomyces in a forest soil Fems Microbiology Letters 342 (2) 157-167

Chardot-Jacques, V, Calvaruso, C, Simon, B, Turpault, M-P, Echevarria, G, Morel, J L (2013)  Chrysotile Dissolution in the Rhizosphere of the Nickel Hyperaccumulator Leptoplax emarginata Environmental Science & Technology 47 (6) 2612-2620

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van der Heijden, G, Legout, A, Pollier, B, Mareschal, L, Turpault, M-P, Ranger, J, Dambrine, E (2013)  Assessing Mg and Ca depletion from broadleaf forest soils and potential causes - A case study in the Morvan Mountains Forest Ecology and Management 293 65-78

Voinot, A, Lemarchand, D, Collignon, C, Granet, M, Chabaux, F, Turpault, M-P (2013)  Experimental dissolution vs. transformation of micas under acidic soil conditions: Clues from boron isotopes Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta 117 144-160

- 2012

Collignon, C, Boudot, J P, Turpault, M-P (2012)  Time change of aluminium toxicity in the acid bulk soil and the rhizosphere in Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) and beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) stands Plant and Soil 357 (1-2) 259-274

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Lepleux, C, Turpault, M-P, Oger, P, Frey-Klett, P, Uroz, S (2012)  Correlation of the Abundance of Betaproteobacteria on Mineral Surfaces with Mineral Weathering in Forest Soils Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78 (19) 7114-7119

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 - 2011

Calvaruso, C, N'Dira, V, Turpault, M-P (2011)  Impact of common European tree species and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii Mirb. Franco) on the physicochemical properties of the rhizosphere Plant and Soil 342 (1-2) 469-480

Calvaruso, C, Turpault, M-P, Uroz, S, Leclerc, E, Kies, A, Frey-Klett, P (2011)  Laccaria bicolor S238N improves Scots pine mineral nutrition by increasing root nutrient uptake from soil minerals but does not increase mineral weathering (vol 328, pg 145, 2010) Plant and Soil 346 (1-2) 401-401

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- 2010

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- 2009

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- 2008

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- 2007

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- 2006

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- 2005

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- 2004

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- 2003

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- 2002

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- 2001

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- 2000

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- 1999

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- 1998

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- 1997

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- 1996

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- 1995


Turpault, M-P, Bonneau, M, Gelhaye, D (1995)  Relation entre l'intensité de l'hydrothermalisme ancien ayant affecté les roches mères et l'actuelle défoliation et jaunissement des résineux adultes : exemple du Louschbach (Vosges).  Ann. Sci. for.  4 : 3-15.

- 1994

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