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- 2018

Court, M, van der Heijden, G, Didier, S, Nys, C, Richter, C, Pousse, N, Saint-André, L, Legout, A (2018)  Long-term effects of forest liming on mineral soil, organic layer and foliage chemistry: Insights from multiple beech experimental sites in Northern France Forest Ecology and Management 409 872-889

Elie, F, Vincenot, L, Berthe, T, Quibel, E, Zeller, B, Saint-André, L, Normand, M, Chauvat, M, Aubert, M (2018)  Soil fauna as bioindicators of organic matter export in temperate forests Forest Ecology and Management 429 549-557

- 2017

Agren, G I, Barrandon, M, Saint-André, L, Sainte-Marie, J (2017)  ANALYSIS OF INTEGRO-DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS MODELING THE VERTICAL DECOMPOSITION OF SOIL ORGANIC MATTER Quarterly of Applied Mathematics 75 (1) 131-153

Charbonnier, F, Roupsard, O, le Maire, G, Guillemot, J, Casanoves, F, Lacointe, A, Vaast, P, Allinne, C, Audebert, L, Cambou, A, Clement-Vidal, A, Defrenet, E, Duursma, R A, Jarri, L, Jourdan, C, Khac, E, Leandro, P, Medlyn, B E, Saint-André, L, Thaler, P, Van den Meersche, K, Aguilar, A B, Lehner, P, Dreyer, E (2017)  Increased light-use efficiency sustains net primary productivity of shaded coffee plants in agroforestry system Plant Cell and Environment 40 (8) 1592-1608

- 2016

Akroume, E, Zeller, B, Buee, M, Santenoise, P, Saint-André, L (2016)  Improving the design of long-term monitoring experiments in forests: a new method for the assessment of local soil variability by combining infrared spectroscopy and dendrometric data Annals of Forest Science 73 (4) 1005-1013

Bachega, L R, Bouillet, J P, Piccolo, M D C, Saint-André, L, Bouvet, J M, Nouvellon, Y, Goncalves, J L D, Robin, A, Laclau, J P (2016)  Decomposition of Eucalyptus grandis and Acacia mangium leaves and fine roots in tropical conditions did not meet the Home Field Advantage hypothesis Forest Ecology and Management 359 33-43

Didion, M, Blujdea, V, Grassi, G, Hernandez, L, Jandl, R, Kriiska, K, Lehtonen, A, Saint-André, L (2016)  Models for reporting forest litter and soil C pools in national greenhouse gas inventories: methodological considerations and requirements Carbon Management 7 (1-2) 79-92

- 2015

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Hounzandji, A P I, Jonard, M, Nys, C, Saint-André, L, Ponette, Q (2015)  Improving the robustness of biomass functions: from empirical to functional approaches Annals of Forest Science 72 (6) 795-810

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Mao, Z, Saint-André, L, Bourrier, F, Stokes, A, Cordonnier, T (2015)  Modelling and predicting the spatial distribution of tree root density in heterogeneous forest ecosystems Annals of Botany 116 (2) 261-277

Mao, Z, Wang, Y, Jourdan, C, Cecillon, L, Nespoulous, J, Rey, H, Saint-André, L, Stokes, A (2015)  Characterizing above- and belowground carbon partitioning in forest trees along an altitudinal gradient using area-based indicators Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research 47 (1) 59-69

- 2014

Saint-André, L, Sainte-Marie, J, Leguedois, S, Ferry, B, Lafolie, F, Marsden, C, Van der Heijden, G, Dufrene, E, Bontemps, J D, Legout, A (2014)  Advances in modeling interactions between soils and trees Revue Forestière Fran¸aise Hors-Série 2014 - REGEFOR 2013

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Versini, A, Zeller, B, Derrien, D, Mazoumbou, J C, Mareschal, L, Saint-André, L, Ranger, J, Laclau, J P (2014)  The role of harvest residues to sustain tree growth and soil nitrogen stocks in a tropical Eucalyptus plantation Plant and Soil 376 (1-2) 245-260

Wernsdorfer, H, Jonard, M, Genet, A, Legout, A, Nys, C, Saint-André, L, Ponette, Q (2014)  Modelling of nutrient concentrations in roundwood based on diameter and tissue proportion: Evidence for an additional site-age effect in the case of Fagus sylvatica Forest Ecology and Management 330 192-204

- 2013

Henry, M, Bombelli, A, Trotta, C, Alessandrini, A, Birigazzi, L, Sola, G, Vieilledent, G, Santenoise, P, Longuetaud, F, Valentini, R, Picard, N, Saint-André, L (2013)  GlobAllomeTree: international platform for tree allometric equations to support volume, biomass and carbon assessment Iforest-Biogeosciences and Forestry 6 E1-E5

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- 2012

Mao, Z, Saint-André, L, Genet, M, Mine, F X, Jourdan, C, Rey, H, Courbaud, B, Stokes, A (2012)  Engineering ecological protection against landslides in diverse mountain forests: Choosing cohesion models Ecological Engineering 45 55-69

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- 2011

Genet, A, Wernsdorfer, H, Jonard, M, Pretzsch, H, Rauch, M, Ponette, Q, Nys, C, Legout, A, Ranger, J, Vallet, P, Saint-André, L (2011)  Ontogeny partly explains the apparent heterogeneity of published biomass equations for Fagus sylvatica in central Europe Forest Ecology and Management 261 (7) 1188-1202

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- 2010

Harmand, J M, Avila, H, Oliver, R, Saint-André, L, Dambrine, E (2010)  The impact of kaolinite and oxi-hydroxides on nitrate adsorption in deep layers of a Costarican Acrisol under coffee cultivation Geoderma 158 (3-4) 216-224

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- 2009

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- 2008

Adu Bredu, S, Tape Bi, AF, Bouillet, JP, Kouame Me, M, Yamoah Kyei, S, Saint-André, L (2008)  n explicit stem profile model for forked and un-forked teak (Tectona grandis) trees in West Africa.  For. Ecol. Manage. 99, 8 : 1717-1732.

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- 2007

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- 2006

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- 2005

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- 2004

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- 2003

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- 2002

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- 2001

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- 2000

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- 1999

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- 1998

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