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- 2018

Balesdent, J, Basile-Doelsch, I, Chadoeuf, J, Cornu, S, Derrien, D, Fekiacova, Z, Hatte, C (2018)  Atmosphere-soil carbon transfer as a function of soil depth Nature 559 (7715) 599

Kayler, Z E, Bredoire, F, McMillan, H, Barsukov, P A, Rusalimova, O, Nikitich, P, Bakker, M R, Zeller, B, Fontaine, S, Derrien, D (2018)  Soil evaporation and organic matter turnover in the Sub-Taiga and Forest-Steppe of southwest Siberia Scientific Reports 8

Poeplau, C, Don, A, Six, J, Kaiser, M, Benbi, D, Chenu, C, Cotrufo, M F, Derrien, D, Gioacchini, P, Grand, S, Gregorich, E, Griepentrog, M, Gunina, A, Haddix, M, Kuzyakov, Y, Kuhnel, A, Macdonald, L M, Soong, J, Trigalet, S, Vermeire, M L, Rovira, P, van Wesemael, B, Wiesmeier, M, Yeasmin, S, Yevdokimov, I, Nieder, R (2018)  Isolating organic carbon fractions with varying turnover rates in temperate agricultural soils - A comprehensive method comparison Soil Biology & Biochemistry 125 10-26

- 2017

Dignac, M F, Derrien, D, Barre, P, Barot, S, Cecillon, L, Chenu, C, Chevallier, T, Freschet, G T, Garnier, P, Guenet, B, Hedde, M, Klumpp, K, Lashermes, G, Maron, P A, Nunan, N, Roumet, C, Basile-Doelsch, I (2017)  Increasing soil carbon storage: mechanisms, effects of agricultural practices and proxies. A review Agronomy for Sustainable Development 37 (2)

- 2016

Bredoire, F, Bakker, M R, Augusto, L, Barsukov, P A, Derrien, D, Nikitich, P, Rusalimova, O, Zeller, B, Achat, D L (2016)  What is the P value of Siberian soils? Soil phosphorus status in south-western Siberia and comparison with a global data set Biogeosciences 13 (8) 2493-2509

Bredoire, F, Nikitich, P, Barsukov, P A, Derrien, D, Litvinov, A, Rieckh, H, Rusalimova, O, Zeller, B, Bakker, M R (2016)  Distributions of fine root length and mass with soil depth in natural ecosystems of southwestern Siberia Plant and Soil 400 (1-2) 315-335

- 2015

Hatton, P J, Remusat, L, Zeller, B, Brewer, E A, Derrien, D (2015)  NanoSIMS investigation of glycine-derived C and N retention with soil organo-mineral associations Biogeochemistry 125 (3) 303-313

Moerdijk-Poortvliet, T C W, Schierbeek, H, Houtekamer, M, van Engeland, T, Derrien, D, Stal, L J, Boschker, H T S (2015)  Comparison of gas chromatography/isotope ratio mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography/isotope ratio mass spectrometry for carbon stable-isotope analysis of carbohydrates Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 29 (13) 1205-1214

- 2014

Derrien, D, Plain, C, Courty, P E, Gelhaye, L, Moerdijk-Poortvliet, T C W, Thomas, F, Versini, A, Zeller, B, Koutika, L S, Boschker, H T S, Epron, D (2014)  Does the addition of labile substrate destabilise old soil organic matter? Soil Biology & Biochemistry 76 149-160

Hatton, P J, Bode, S, Angeli, N, Boeckx, P, Zeller, B, Boiry, S, Gelhaye, L, Derrien, D (2014)  Assimilation and accumulation of C by fungi and bacteria attached to soil density fractions Soil Biology & Biochemistry 79 132-139

Mendez-Millan, M, Tu, T T N, Balesdent, J, Derenne, S, Derrien, D, Egasse, C, M'Bou, A T, Zeller, B, Hatte, C (2014)  Compound-specific C-13 and C-14 measurements improve the understanding of soil organic matter dynamics Biogeochemistry 118 (1-3) 205-223

Pernot, A, Ouvrard, S, Leglize, P, Watteau, F, Derrien, D, Lorgeoux, C, Mansuy-Huault, L, Faure, P (2014)  Impact of fresh organic matter incorporation on PAH fate in a contaminated industrial soil Science of the Total Environment 497 345-352

Versini, A, Zeller, B, Derrien, D, Mazoumbou, J C, Mareschal, L, Saint-André, L, Ranger, J, Laclau, J P (2014)  The role of harvest residues to sustain tree growth and soil nitrogen stocks in a tropical Eucalyptus plantation Plant and Soil 376 (1-2) 245-260

- 2013

Achat, D L, Bakker, M R, Augusto, L, Derrien, D, Gallegos, N, Lashchinskiy, N, Milin, S, Nikitich, P, Raudina, T, Rusalimova, O, Zeller, B, Barsukov, P (2013)  Phosphorus status of soils from contrasting forested ecosystems in southwestern Siberia: effects of microbiological and physicochemical properties Biogeosciences 10 (2) 733-752

- 2012

Epron, D, Bahn, M, Derrien, D, Lattanzi, F A, Pumpanen, J, Gessler, A, Hogberg, P, Maillard, P, Dannoura, M, Gerant, D, Buchmann, N (2012)  Pulse-labelling trees to study carbon allocation dynamics: a review of methods, current knowledge and future prospects Tree Physiology 32 (6) 776-798

Hatton, P J, Kleber, M, Zeller, B, Moni, C, Plante, A F, Townsend, K, Gelhaye, L, Lajtha, K, Derrien, D (2012)  Transfer of litter-derived N to soil mineral-organic associations: Evidence from decadal N-15 tracer experiments Organic Geochemistry 42 (12) 1489-1501

Hatton, P J, Remusat, L, Zeller, B, Derrien, D (2012)  A multi-scale approach to determine accurate elemental and isotopic ratios by nano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry imaging Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 26 (11) 1363-1371

Moni, C, Derrien, D, Hatton, P J, Zeller, B, Kleber, M (2012)  Density fractions versus size separates: does physical fractionation isolate functional soil compartments? Biogeosciences 9 (12) 5181-5197

Remusat, L, Hatton, P J, Nico, P S, Zeller, B, Kleber, M, Derrien, D (2012)  NanoSIMS Study of Organic Matter Associated with Soil Aggregates: Advantages, Limitations, and Combination with STXM Environmental Science & Technology 46 (7) 3943-3949

- 2011

Derrien, D, Amelung, W (2011)  Computing the mean residence time of soil carbon fractions using stable isotopes: impacts of the model framework European Journal of Soil Science 62 (2) 237-252

Derrien, D, Dignac, M F, Dudal, Y (2011)  From land to water, an overview of organic matter research in France-proceedings of the Sainte-Maxime 2009 symposium organized by the French network on organic matter research Biogeochemistry 106 (1) 1-4

- 2010

Ali, W H, Derrien, D, Alix, F, Perollier, C, Lepine, O, Bayoudh, S, Chapuis-Hugon, F, Pichon, V (2010)  Solid-phase extraction using molecularly imprinted polymers for selective extraction of a mycotoxin in cereals Journal of Chromatography A 1217 (43) 6668-6673

Nico, P S, Keiluweit, M, Kleber, M, Hatton, P J, Zeller, B, Derrien, D (2010)  The speciation of organic matter in soil mineral organic associations - Inference from STXM and N, C and Fe NEXAFS Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta 74 (12) A758-A758

- 2007

Derrien, D, Marol, C, Balesdent, J (2007)  Microbial biosyntheses of individual neutral sugars among sets of substrates and soils.  Geoderma 85, 2 : 125–139.

Derrien, D, Marol, C, Balesdent, J (2007)  Microbial biosyntheses of individual neutral sugars among sets of substrates and soils Geoderma 139 (1-2) 190-198

- 2006

Derrien, D, Marol, C, Balabane, M, Balesdent, J (2006)  The turnover of carbohydrate carbon in a cultivated soil estimated by C-13 natural abundances European Journal of Soil Science 57 (4) 547-557

- 2004

Derrien, D, Marol, C, Balesdent, J (2004)  The dynamics of neutral sugars in the rhizosphere of wheat. An approach by C-13 pulse-labelling and GC/C/IRMS Plant and Soil 267 (1-2) 243-253

- 2003

Bird, M, Kracht, O, Derrien, D, Zhou, Y (2003)  The effect of soil texture and roots on the stable carbon isotope composition of soil organic carbon Australian Journal of Soil Research 41 (1) 77-94

Derrien, D, Balesdent, J, Marol, C, Santaella, C (2003)  Measurement of the C-13/C-12 ratio of soil-plant individual sugars by gas chromatography/combustion/isotope-ratio mass spectrometry of silylated derivatives Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 17 (23) 2626-2631


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