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- 2018

Court, M., van der Heijden, G., Didier, S., Nys, C., Richter, C., Pousse, N., Saint-Andre, L. and Legout, A. (2018)  Long-term effects of forest liming on mineral soil, organic layer and foliage chemistry: Insights from multiple beech experimental sites in Northern France Forest Ecology and Management 409 872-889

van der Heijden, G, Bel, J, Craig, C-A, Midwood, AJ, Mareschal, L, Ranger, J, Dambrine, E and Legout, A. (2018)  Measuring Plant-Available Mg, Ca, and K Pools in the Soil—An Isotopic Dilution Assay ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 2 (4) 292-313

van der Heijden, G, Hinz, A, Didier, S, Nys, C, Dambrine, E and Legout, A (2018)  Quantifying the Uncertainty in Modeled Water Drainage and Nutrient Leaching Fluxes in Forest Ecosystems Ecosystems

- 2017

Kalcsits, Lee, van der Heijden, Gregory, Reid, Michelle and Mullin, Katie (2017)  Calcium Absorption during Fruit Development in ‘Honeycrisp’ Apple Measured Using 44Ca as a Stable Isotope Tracer HortScience 52 (12) 1804-1809

Kirchen, G., Calvaruso, C., Granier, A., Redon, P. O., van der Heijden, G., Breda, N. and Turpault, M. P. (2017)  Local soil type variability controls, the water budget and stand productivity in a beech forest Forest Ecology and Management 390 89-103

van der Heijden, G., Belyazid, S., Dambrine, E., Ranger, Jacques and Legout, A. (2017)  NutsFor a process-oriented model to simulate nutrient and isotope tracer cycling in forest ecosystems Environmental Modelling & Software 95 365-380

van der Heijden, G, Legout, A, Mareschal, L, Ranger, J and Dambrine, E (2017)  Filling the gap in Ca input-output budgets in base-poor forest ecosystems: The contribution of non-crystalline phases evidenced by stable isotopic dilution Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 209 135-148

- 2016

Bedel, L, Poszwa, A, van der Heijden, G, Legout, A, Aquilina, L and Ranger, J (2016)  Unexpected calcium sources in deep soil layers in low-fertility forest soils identified by strontium isotopes (Lorraine plateau, eastern France) Geoderma 264, Part A 103-116

Legout, A., van der Heijden, G., Jaffrain, J., Boudot, J. P. and Ranger, J. (2016)  Tree species effects on solution chemistry and major element fluxes: A case study in the Morvan (Breuil, France) Forest Ecology and Management 378 244-258

Legout, A, van der Heijden, G, Jaffrain, J, Boudot, J-P and Ranger, J (2016)  Tree species effects on solution chemistry and major element fluxes: A case study in the Morvan (Breuil, France) Forest Ecology and Management 378 244-258

Yu, Lin, Belyazid, Salim, Akselsson, Cecilia, van der Heijden, Gregory and Zanchi, Giuliana (2016)  Storm disturbances in a Swedish forest—A case study comparing monitoring and modelling Ecological Modelling 320 102-113

- 2015

van der Heijden, G, Dambrine, E, Pollier, B, Zeller, B, Ranger, J and Legout, A (2015)  Mg and Ca uptake by roots in relation to depth and allocation to aboveground tissues: results from an isotopic labeling study in a beech forest on base-poor soil Biogeochemistry 122 (2-3) 375-393

- 2014

Legout, A., Hansson, K., van der Heijden, G, Laclau, J. P., Augusto, L and Ranger, J (2014)  Fertilité chimique des sols forestiers : concepts de base Revue Forestière Française 66 (4) 413-424

van der Heijden, G, Henneron, L and Dreyer, E (2014)  La gestion de la fertilité des sols forestiers est-elle à un tournant ? Une conclusion transitoire Revue Forestière Française LXVI (4) 641-644

van der Heijden, G, Legout, A, Pollier, B, Ranger, J and Dambrine, E (2014)  The dynamics of calcium and magnesium inputs by throughfall in a forest ecosystem on base poor soil are very slow and conservative: evidence from an isotopic tracing experiment (26Mg and 44Ca) Biogeochemistry 118 (1-3) 413-442

- 2013

van der Heijden, G, Legout, A, Midwood, AJ, Craig, C-A, Pollier, B, Ranger, J and Dambrine, E (2013)  Mg and Ca root uptake and vertical transfer in soils assessed by an in situ ecosystem-scale multi-isotopic (26Mg & 44Ca) tracing experiment in a beech stand (Breuil-Chenue, France) Plant and Soil 369 (1-2) 33-45

van der Heijden, G, Legout, A., Pollier, B, Bréchet, C, Ranger, J. and Dambrine, E. (2013)  Tracing and modeling preferential flow in a forest soil — Potential impact on nutrient leaching Geoderma 195-196 (0) 12-22

van der Heijden, G., Legout, A., Pollier, B., Mareschal, L., Turpault, M. P., Ranger, J. and Dambrine, E. (2013)  Assessing Mg and Ca depletion from broadleaf forest soils and potential causes - A case study in the Morvan Mountains Forest Ecology and Management 293 65-78

- 2011

van der Heijden, G, Legout, A, Nicolas, M, Ulrich, E, Johnson, DW and Dambrine, E (2011)  Long-term sustainability of forest ecosystems on sandstone in the Vosges Mountains (France) facing atmospheric deposition and silvicultural change Forest Ecology And Management 261 (3) 730-740

- 2010

Gandois, L., Nicolas, M., van der Heijden, G. and Probst, A. (2010)  The importance of biomass net uptake for a trace metal budget in a forest stand in north-eastern France Science of The Total Environment 408 (23) 5870-5877

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