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- 2020

Bredoire F, Kayler ZE, Dupouey J-L, Derrien D, Zeller B, Barsukov PA, Rusalimova O, Nikitich P, Bakker MR, Legout A (2020)  Limiting factors of aspen radial growth along a climatic and soil water budget gradient in south-western Siberia. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

Lafitte A, Florio A, Andrianarisoa S, Ndaw SM, Commeaux C, Hai B, Ndaw SM, Periot C, Schloter M, Zeller B, Poly F, Le Roux X (2020)  Biological inhibition of soil nitrification by forest tree species through knock out of Nitrobacter Environmental Microbiology doi:10.1111/1462-2920.14905

- 2019

Akroume E, Maillard F, Bach C, Hossann Ch, Brechet C, Angeli N, Zeller B, Saint-André L, Buée M, (2019)  First evidences that the ectomycorrhizal fungus Paxillus involutus mobilizes nitrogen and carbon from saprophytic fungus necromass. Environmental Microbiology 21: 197-208

Brédoire F Zeller B, Kayler ZE, Barsukov PA, Nikitich P, Rusalimova O, Bakker MR, Bashuk A, Saint-Marie J, Didier S, Legout A, Derrien D (2019)  The fate of leaf-litter N under contrasting pedo-climatic conditions in south-western Siberia. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 135: 331-342

Chuste PA, Massonnet C, Gérant D, Zeller B, Levillain J, Hossann C, Angeli N, Wortemann R, Bréda N, Maillard P (2019)  Short-term nitrogen dynamics are impacted by defoliation and drought in Fagus sylvatica L. branches. Tree Physiology

Maillard F, Leduc V, Bach C, Reichard A, Fauchery L, Saint-André L, Zeller B, Buée M (2019)  Soil microbial functions are affected by organic matter removal in temperate deciduous forests. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 133: 28-36

Zeller B, Legout A, Bienaime S, Gratia B, Saintenoise Ph, Bonnaud P, Ranger J (2019)  Douglas fir stimulates nitrification in French forest soils. Scientifc Reports  9:10687

- 2018

Agapit C, Gigon A, Puga-Freitas R, Zeller B, Blouin M (2018)  Plant-earthworm interactions: influence of age and proportion of casts in the soil on plant growth, morphology and nitrogen uptake.Plant & Soil 424: 1-13

Agapit, C, Gigon, A, Puga-Freitas, R, Zeller, B, Blouin, M (2018)  Plant-earthworm interactions: influence of age and proportion of casts in the soil on plant growth, morphology and nitrogen uptake Plant and Soil 424 (1-2) 49-61

Elie F, Vincenot L, Berthe T, Quibel E, Zeller B, Saint-André L, Normand M, Chauvat M, Aubert M (2018)  Soil fauna as bioindicators of organic matter export in temperate forest. Forest Ecology and Management 429: 549-557

Elie, F, Vincenot, L, Berthe, T, Quibel, E, Zeller, B, Saint-André, L, Normand, M, Chauvat, M, Aubert, M (2018)  Soil fauna as bioindicators of organic matter export in temperate forests Forest Ecology and Management 429 549-557

Kayler, Z E, Bredoire, F, McMillan, H, Barsukov, P A, Rusalimova, O, Nikitich, P, Bakker, M R, Zeller, B, Fontaine, S, Derrien, D (2018)  Soil evaporation and organic matter turnover in the Sub-Taiga and Forest-Steppe of southwest Siberia Scientific Reports 8:10904

Lallemand F, Figura T, Damesin C, Fresneau C, Griveau C, Fontaine N, Zeller B, Selosse MA (2018)  Mixotrophic orchids do not use photosynthates for perennial underground organs. New Phytol. 221: 12-17

- 2017

Andrianarisoa S, Zeller B, Siegenfuhr H, Bienaimé S, Dambrine E (2017)  Root colonization and nitrate availability in forest soils. Soil Use & Management 33: 45-53

Andrianarisoa, K S, Zeller, B, Ranger, J, Bienaime, S, Dambrine, E (2017)  A reciprocal soil exchange experiment highlights tree root colonization effects on soil nitrification Soil Use and Management 33 (1) 45-53

Nguyen Tu, TT, Egasse C, Anquetil Ch Zanetti F, Zeller B, Huon S, Derenne S (2017)  Leaf lipid degradation in soils and surface sediments: A litterbag experiment. Organic Geochemistry 104: 35-41

Tu, T T N, Egasse, C, Anquetil, C, Zanetti, F, Zeller, B, Huon, S, Derenne, S (2017)  Leaf lipid degradation in soils and surface sediments: A litterbag experiment Organic Geochemistry 104 35-41

- 2016

Akroume, E, Zeller, B, Buee, M, Santenoise, P, Saint-André, L (2016)  Improving the design of long-term monitoring experiments in forests: a new method for the assessment of local soil variability by combining infrared spectroscopy and dendrometric data Annals of Forest Science 73 (4) 1005-1013

Andrianarisoa, K S, Dufour, L, Bienaime, S, Zeller, B, Dupraz, C (2016)  The introduction of hybrid walnut trees (Juglans nigra x regia cv. NG23) into cropland reduces soil mineral N content in autumn in southern France Agroforestry Systems 90 (2) 193-205

Andrianarisoa, K, S, Dufour L, Talbot G, Bienaimé S, Zeller B, Dupraz C (2016)  Introduction of hybrid walnut trees in arable systems: which impact on soil nitrogen status in the presence of fluctuating water table? Agroforestry Systems 90: 193-205

Bredoire, F, Bakker, M R, Augusto, L, Barsukov, P A, Derrien, D, Nikitich, P, Rusalimova, O, Zeller, B, Achat, D L (2016)  What is the P value of Siberian soils? Soil phosphorus status in south-western Siberia and comparison with a global data set Biogeosciences 13 (8) 2493-2509

Bredoire, F, Nikitich, P, Barsukov, P A, Derrien, D, Litvinov, A, Rieckh, H, Rusalimova, O, Zeller, B, Bakker, M R (2016)  Distributions of fine root length and mass with soil depth in natural ecosystems of southwestern Siberia Plant and Soil 400 (1-2) 315-335

Le Tacon, F, Rubini, A, Murat, C, Riccioni, C, Robin, C, Belfiori, B, Zeller, B, De la Varga, H, Akroume, E, Deveau, A, Martin, F, Paolocci, F (2016)  Certainties and uncertainties about the life cycle of the P,rigord black truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vittad.) Annals of Forest Science 73 (1) 105-117

Versini A, Laclau JP, Mareschal L, Plassard C, Diamesso L K, Ranger J, Zeller B (2016)  Nitrogen dynamics within and between decomposing leaves, bark and branches in Eucalyptus planted forests. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 101: 55-64

Weise, L, Ulrich, A, Moreano, M, Gessler, A, Kayler, Z E, Steger, K, Zeller, B, Rudolph, K, Knezevic-Jaric, J, Premke, K (2016)  Water level changes affect carbon turnover and microbial community composition in lake sediments Fems Microbiology Ecology 92 (5)

Weise, L, Ulrich A, Moreano, M, Gessler A, Kayler Z, Steger K, Zeller B, Rudolph K, Knezevic-Jaric J, Premke  K (2016)   Desiccation and rewetting of lake sediments causes enhanced carbon turnover and shifts in microbial community composition. FEMS DOI:

- 2015

Bakker, MR, Delerue F, Andreasson F, Ngao J, Dannoura M, Zeller B, Epron D (2015)  Hyphal growth in ingrowth mesh bags in Fagus sylvatica, Quercus petraea and Pinus pinaster stands in France. European Journal of Soil Biology 70: 111–117

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Hatton, P J, Remusat, L, Zeller, B, Brewer, E A, Derrien, D (2015)  NanoSIMS investigation of glycine-derived C and N retention with soil organo-mineral associations Biogeochemistry 125 (3) 303-313

Le Tacon F, Rubini A, Murat C, Riccioni C, Robin C, Belfiori B, Zeller B (2015)  Uncertainties about the life cycle of the Périgord black truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vittad.). Ann. For. Sci. DOI 10.1007/s13595-015-0461-1

Le Tacon, F, Zeller, B, Plain, C, Hossann, C, Brechet, C, Martin, F, Kohler, A, Villerd, J, Robin, C (2015)  Study of nitrogen and carbon transfer from soil organic matter to Tuber melanosporum mycorrhizas and ascocarps using N-15 and C-13 soil labelling and whole-genome oligoarrays Plant and Soil 395 (1-2) 351-373

Mougin, C, Azam, D, Caquet, T, Cheviron, N, Dequiedt, S, Le Galliard, J F, Guillaume, O, Houot, S, Lacroix, G, Lafolie, F, Maron, P A, Michniewicz, R, Pichot, C, Ranjard, L, Roy, J, Zeller, B, Clobert, J, Chanzy, A (2015)  A coordinated set of ecosystem research platforms open to international research in ecotoxicology, AnaEE-France Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22 (20) 16215-16228

Paula, R R, Bouillet, J P, Trivelin, P C O, Zeller, B, Goncalves, J L D, Nouvellon, Y, Bouvet, J M, Plassard, C, Laclau, J P (2015)  Evidence of short-term belowground transfer of nitrogen from Acacia mangium to Eucalyptus grandis trees in a tropical planted forest Soil Biology & Biochemistry 91 99-108

van der Heijden, G, Dambrine, E, Pollier, B, Zeller, B, Ranger, J, Legout, A (2015)  Mg and Ca uptake by roots in relation to depth and allocation to aboveground tissues: results from an isotopic labeling study in a beech forest on base-poor soil Biogeochemistry 122 (2-3) 375-393

- 2014

Derrien D, Plain C, Courty PE, Gelhaye L, Moerdijk T, Thomas F, Versini A, Zeller B, Koutika, L-S, Boschker E, Epron D (2014)   Does the addition of labile substrate destabilise old soil organic matter? Soil Biology & Biochemistry 76: 149-160

Derrien, D, Plain, C, Courty, P E, Gelhaye, L, Moerdijk-Poortvliet, T C W, Thomas, F, Versini, A, Zeller, B, Koutika, L S, Boschker, H T S, Epron, D (2014)  Does the addition of labile substrate destabilise old soil organic matter? Soil Biology & Biochemistry 76 149-160

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Hatton, P J, Bode, S, Angeli, N, Boeckx, P, Zeller, B, Boiry, S, Gelhaye, L, Derrien, D (2014)  Assimilation and accumulation of C by fungi and bacteria attached to soil density fractions Soil Biology & Biochemistry 79 132-139

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Versini A, Mareschal L, Matsoumbou T, Ranger J, Zeller B, Laclau J-P (2014)  Effect of forest floor manipulation on the fluxes of DOC, DON and dissolved mineral nutrients under Eucalyptus plantations in the Congo. Geoderma 232-234: 426-436

Versini A, Zeller B, Derrien D, Mazoumbou J-C, Mareschal L, Ranger J, Laclau J-P (2014)  15N labeled harvest residues sustain tree growth and SOM formation but not leaching of DON in a tropical eucalyptus plantation. Plant & Soil 376: 245-260

Versini, A, Zeller, B, Derrien, D, Mazoumbou, J C, Mareschal, L, Saint-André, L, Ranger, J, Laclau, J P (2014)  The role of harvest residues to sustain tree growth and soil nitrogen stocks in a tropical Eucalyptus plantation Plant and Soil 376 (1-2) 245-260

- 2013

Achat DL, Bakker MR, Augusto L, Derrien D, Gallegos N, Lashchinskiy N, Milin S, Nikitich P, Raudina T, Rusalimova O, Zeller, B Barsukov P (2013)   Phosphorus status of soils from contrasting forested ecosystems in Southwestern Siberia: combined effects of plant species and climate. Biogeosciences 10: 733-752

Achat, D L, Bakker, M R, Augusto, L, Derrien, D, Gallegos, N, Lashchinskiy, N, Milin, S, Nikitich, P, Raudina, T, Rusalimova, O, Zeller, B, Barsukov, P (2013)  Phosphorus status of soils from contrasting forested ecosystems in southwestern Siberia: effects of microbiological and physicochemical properties Biogeosciences 10 (2) 733-752

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Cannavo, P, Harmand, J M, Zeller, B, Vaast, P, Ramirez, J E, Dambrine, E (2013)  Low nitrogen use efficiency and high nitrate leaching in a highly fertilized Coffea arabica-Inga densiflora agroforestry system: a N-15 labeled fertilizer study Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 95 (3) 377-394

Guo, C J, Dannenmann, M, Gasche, R, Zeller, B, Papen, H, Polle, A, Rennenberg, H, Simon, J (2013)  Preferential use of root litter compared to leaf litter by beech seedlings and soil microorganisms Plant and Soil 368 (1-2) 519-534

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Guo, C, Simon J, Gasche R, Naumann SP, Bimüller C, Pena R, Polle A, Kögel-Knabner I, Zeller B, Rennenberg H, Dannenmann M (2013)   Minor contribution of leaf litter to N nutrition of beech (Fagus sylvatica) seedlings in a mountainous beech forest of Southern Germany. Plant & Soil 369: 657 - 668

Le Tacon, F, Zeller, B, Plain, C, Hossann, C, Brechet, C, Robin, C (2013)  Carbon Transfer from the Host to Tuber melanosporum Mycorrhizas and Ascocarps Followed Using a C-13 Pulse-Labeling Technique Plos One 8 (5)

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- 2012

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- 2011

Augusto, L, Zeller, B, Midwood, A J, Swanston, C, Dambrine, E, Schneider, A, Bosc, A (2011)  Two-year dynamics of foliage labelling in 8-year-old Pinus pinaster trees with N-15, Mg-26 and Ca-42-simulation of Ca transport in xylem using an upscaling approach Annals of Forest Science 68 (1) 169-178

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- 2010

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- 2009

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- 2008

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- 2007

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- 2004

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- 2003

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- 2001

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- 2000

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- 1998

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